who i am

I am a young graphic designer and web designer.
My passion for this profession began in adolescence. But all he developed after taking the diploma as a technician of graphic design (2010), at the I.P.S. Albe Steiner of Turin. Later I worked with some graphic studies, but this was not enough, I felt the need to increase my skills and learn something new. This need led me to know and get interested in the power of the web development and user interface, so I decided to take a training course of 1000 hours on the design and management of web sites, which released me a certificate and the cultural baggage to deal with this fascinating world. Thanks to this course I realized the true potential of this world which still remain each time more surprised. After the training, I immediately started looking for work, a few months after I started working for an important marketing company and selling advertising space, named Rai Advertising (dealership Rai). I was in the company for nearly two years with the Graphic Designer job.
It now assists with some private clients and web projects of various kinds.

personal skills

Photoshop, Illustrator e InDesign; development HTML5 / CSS3; development through application LESS; Web Design and mobile version; UI design; Mobile; Web site interface and blog in Wordpress , joomla; e-commerce prestashop; framework Javascript like JQuery; Logotype and coordinate image (flyers, business cards, brochures, text layout).



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Davide Bolognesi
Place of work: Via Pomba 1, 10123 Turin (TO)

E-mail: info@davidebolognesi.com

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